How Do I Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau?

The struggle is real…

Like a number of people, I have also struggled with my weight. Up until last year, it has been up and down since high school. My focus on clean eating hopped from one trend and recommendation to the next, experimenting keto followed by paleo followed by low-carb followed by carb cycling. My efforts in physical fitness shifted from little exercise at all while in high school to extreme levels of cardio (accompanied by drastic time spans of fasting) in college followed by mixed martial arts training after graduation.

Thankfully, after all the switches and after all the fitness journey-hopping, I ditched the diet trends, unproductive cardio workout binges, and expensive martial arts training, and I established a lifestyle of fitness through consistent weight training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and balanced eating. By two years after college, I developed a love for lifting weights, following clean-eating guidelines, and integrating various HIIT and resistance band training. I was losing fat, gaining lean muscle mass, focusing on how I looked in the mirror and how I felt vs. what number the scale showed me – I was progressing wonderfully. The fitness model look on Instagram that I have been craving to achieve did not seem too far away.

Fast-forward another year-and-a-half of clean eating and lifting, I still had not achieved that goal of a tight body. I mean, sure, I have dropped three dress sizes, I look sexier and leaner in clothes, and my face is more shapely. Yet, I still did not look as ‘cut’ as I wanted to. The string bikini fitness Instamodel still was not achieved, even after yet another year of consistent hard work. What was I facing? A plateau. A fat loss plateau.

After everything I have done – all the hard work and discipline I have applied, all the lifestyle adjustments I have made, after all this progress – for some reason I still did not have that cut, lean look that I have been wanting to achieve for the longest time. It sucks! It is absolutely frustrating and upsetting to be so close but yet so faraway from what I picture in my head to be the ideal image of myself. I have learned that my mesomorph body type easily builds muscle but needs more work when it comes to progressive fat loss and maintaining the desired level of, well, absence of fat. I had to accept that I needed to step out of my comfort zone yet again and up my game to overcome and break through my fat loss in order to finally accomplish that more chiseled, lean, cut look.

The plateau pain…

The whole journey of getting started – whether it is losing weight as in fat or building muscle – is easier said than done, but is extremely rewarding (and eventually addictive – in a positive way) as you see results. You start your fitness journey, adopt healthy lifestyle habits, workout consistently at the gym, and achieve milestone after milestone. When you hit a plateau, your results stop, and it seems like you have ended up in a place where even increasing your time and effort exercising and eating leaner meats and veggies still does nothing to help lose just those last several pounds of fat in very distinct problem areas that hault your progress.

Countless people have found short-lived temporary fixes to their plateaus by adding new diet supplement pills or by adopting the latest diet trend (I have made this mistake twice too many times) only to eventually lose their results or quickly come to yet another plateau. Others have tried the failed remedies of lengthening their time at the gym, running extra miles on the treadmill, adding more reps to their sets, or fasting. Unfortunately still, most remain stuck in their fat-loss plateau. I wouldn’t wish the anger, frustration, and feelings of lack of self-worth and hopelessness from a plateau on anyone. Have you ever found yourself at a plateau? Are you still stuck there today? What can you do?

How can you break through your plateau to truly reach your fitness goals and ideal body fat loss?

Thankfully, I did a little research and did not give up. I took the time and effort to truly invest in my lifelong fitness journey and healthy lifestyle, and I am so happy that I did. If you are in search for a solution to get past your fat-loss fitness plateau and see immediate results in a few days to a few weeks – and onward after program completion – then I highly recommend Full Throttle Fat Loss. Stop wasting your time and efforts for temporary, unsustainable results. There is no need to continue your weight loss journey in vain. Watch your body change for the better, feel joint pain disappear, and gain even greater confidence – and have fun doing so!

Full Throttle Fat Loss

How serious are you to breaking through your plateau?

Even if your goal is to gain weight by building more muscle via bodybuilding to mold your shape, are you truly getting the best results out of every work out?

If your goal is to cut as much fat as possible to achieve a tighter, leaner look, how can you get there more quickly and effectively?

Do something great for yourself to ensure you achieve your fitness goals with the Full Throttle Fat Loss system. What I find absolutely amazing about this program is that instead of the typical results declining over time to the point where you reach a fitness plateau, as time passes with the Full Throttle Fat Loss program, you actually cut more fat in the later weeks of the program than the first week.

What differentiates this program from others like Beachbody or DailyBurn, the Full Throttle Fat Loss program places the nervous system at the center of every workout. Every workout is crafted to more effectively enhance the electricity to muscles for increased fat loss acceleration, therefore stacking weight loss and overall fitness results as you progress through every week in the program. It is science-driven and insanely effective!

The Full Throttle Fat Loss program primes your body to triple metabolism by enhancing the nerve signals to your muscles as you workout. By following the workout plans and instructions, you flip your body’s fat-loss switch into overdrive to burn 417% faster via the program’s Quadruple Neuro Fat Loss Stack system. I invited you now to click here to get started.

Your investment?

My Full Throttle Fat Loss review – simply put, it is fun, it is effective, and it taps into the science of your body. I love it! I have upped my weight training and resistance training, and I certainly sweat more. But the key thing – my image in the mirror has changed for the better in far less time than I thought. Not only are my results sustainable – I am still on a roll!

What you get: 

  • 32 Doctor-Designed Rapid Neuro Fat Loss Workouts & Audios
  • At-Home Modifications Guide
  • Top 10 Fat Loss Lessons Cheat Sheet
  • Beginner Basics Guide
  • Victory Journal
  • Access to Workshops
  • Transformational Mindset Audios
  • VIP Private Coaching Call

What you win:

  • The satisfaction of finally breaking through your fitness plateau

You receive the above program package valued at $1,170 but only invest just $97 to break free from your plateau. Do not wait and waste time like I did before finding this program. I wanted to break through my fitness plateau. I made a commitment to myself to achieve my goals and invest in a program based on science.

Making your own difference

Don’t you want to wear the bathing suit with confidence? Look good in pictures (including the unfiltered ones you are tagged in)? Is it your goal to turn heads and get complimented at your next outing or event? Finally make a move to approach the guy or gal? Be noticed in a positive light?

Looks are not everything. But if you are already putting in the time and effort in your fitness and healthy lifestyle – or even if you have only recently started – you should strategically place your time, money, and effort in ways so it will not be wasted. Dramatically multiply your fat loss and achieve greater gains – click to get started now.

I would not wish the emotional frustration, anguish, or pain of reaching and getting stuck at a weight loss plateau or fitness plateau of any type on anyone. Do not give up on yourself by settling. Now that you know about Full Throttle Fat Loss, take the leap, and do not wait to break through your weight loss plateau today! You will thank yourself for doing so – I know I have.

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March 28, 2020